Maintaining J-1 Status

It is important that you understand the J-1 regulations. Although UCSC International Scholar Advisors are available to answer questions it is your responsibility to maintain status to avoid being terminated from your program.

  • Maintain program objective.
  • Maintain a valid DS-2019 (J-1 and J-2). Do not allow your DS 2019 to expire. Request a program extension if necessary. Please plan ahead, and allow 1-2 months of processing time.
  • Maintain valid health insurance for the entire period of stay in the U.S. You and any accompanying dependents are required to have health insurance coverage that meets Department of State minimum standards.
  • Obtain prior authorization from IFSS prior to engaging in outside employment.
  • Notify IFSS of changes to your worksite or adding another location (Site of Activity).
  • Keep your residential address and telephone information up to date. Notify IIFSS of any changes by updating your personal information in iGlobal within 10 days of moving. IFSS will update your SEVIS record accordingly.
  • Notify IIFSS and your host department of early completion of your program (more than 15 days before the program end date listed on your DS-2019). This information will be reported to SEVIS so you will not be held accountable if completing the program early and departing the U.S. (J-1 and J-2). 
  • Transferring your J program. If you are offered a position at another institution you will likely need to transfer your program sponsorship to the new institution. If your new sponsor does not have a J-1 program then you will need to consider changing your nonimmigrant status. Please contact a scholar advisor to discuss the transfer out process. This applies only to UC Santa Cruz-sponsored J-1 Research Scholars or Professors.
  • After completing your program you are allowed 30 days to prepare to depart the U.S. You cannot work during the grace period. If you leave the U.S. during the grace period this is considered your final departure, in order to return you will need to enter in a different visa status.
Last modified: Dec 07, 2023